St Ives Surf Life Saving Club

Originally formed in 1958 and as well as competing in National Surf Life Saving Competitions, provided Lifeguard cover on Porthmeor Beach. The club has evolved over the years and has seen many people come and go but it has never lost its strong links with the local community! The club is a member of Surf Life Saving Cornwall and the Surf Life Saving Association of Great Britain (SLSGB), Britain’s National Governing Body for Beach Lifeguarding and the sport of Surf Life Saving. Our Club operates as a Charitable organization from a club house on the west side of Porthmeor Beach and is run by a dedicated team of volunteers! We are a friendly club and actively encourage people from all walks of life to “have a go” and get involved - whether you are 7 years old or 70 years old a warm welcome awaits you! Our objectives are as follows:
  • To save lives by being pro-active through education and prevention or by rescue from the beach, in the area comprising St Ives and its immediate area.
  • To develop and promote the education and instruction of water safety, life saving skills, resuscitation and First Aid.
  • To develop and promote lifesaving skills through sport.
  • Promote equality and be positive about diversity, challenging any discrimination, particularly on the grounds of Disability, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, Religion and Belief.
  • To encourage the provision of facilities for people of all ages from within the community to participate in organised life saving as a vital, voluntary public service along with beach and water sports for enjoyment and recreation.
  • To enrich the lives of young lifesavers through fun, involvement and the acquisition of personal, lifesaving and competition skills in a safe aquatic and outdoor environment.
To be a good life saver you must be:
  • Physically fit
  • Skilled at using rescue equipment
  • Know rescue techniques, resuscitation methods and basic first aid
  • Competent in the skills of swimming in open water
Image result for Aspects Holidays St Ives We are thankful to Aspects Holidays for their support as St Ives SLSC main sponsor, however, we have a number of other sponsors who assist the club, please take your time to view their websites by clicking here..